How to have a beautiful and healthy skin?

How to have a beautiful and healthy skin?

At Nidéco, we co-create products that have the common goal of revealing the best of our skin thanks to the power of nature. Because wanting a "beautiful skin" is above all wanting a healthy skin.

When it comes to the health of our skin, we are not all in the same boat.

However, one desire is common to many of you (we surveyed more than 12,000 people), and that is the "imperfections" that seem to weigh on your daily life.

Behind this shameful word, we must admit, are mainly acne problems. And even if it is a totally normal phenomenon that should not prevent you from feeling beautiful, reducing the appearance of acne and treating it remains important to keep a healthy skin.




There are different types of acne, such as juvenile acne and adult acne:


The first appears in adolescence and disappears naturally in adulthood. It appears in many forms: micro-cysts, inflammations of which red spots, blackheads... Pimples" are an inflammatory phenomenon mainly present on the famous T-zone of the face, more conducive to the development of pimples because it is more "oily".



Hormonal acne, on the other hand, appears when there is a hormonal imbalance. We often talk about it with Oh My Periods! our special premenstrual care. It can sometimes appear as a cyst, which is difficult to treat by skin.

The first step towards solving this problem is to exfoliate your skin from time to time (to limit hyperkeratinization, which causes microcysts) and use a daily cleanser to regulate excess sebum.


The acne that can be easily treated is cosmetica acne: caused by the use of unsuitable cosmetics that tend to clog the pores of the skin (silicones and other occlusive ingredients). The solution: change your routine for clean & safe products (same trio).



We also take the opportunity to make you a small point on the famous "maskné". For some time now, many of us have no choice but to wear the mask all day.

Results: ❌ dryness, discomfort and repeated appearance of blemishes.

This new phenomenon even has a name: maskne. A contraction of "mask" and "acne", this word may make you smile, but it evokes a situation that is not insignificant: the appearance of pimples and irritations linked to wearing a mask.

👉 Reasons:

  • Condensation under the mask due to the drop in temperature and the warm air coming out of the mouth. This constant humidity is conducive to the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Breath that, despite frequent brushing, can be loaded with bacteria.
  • The prolonged wearing of the mask then acts as an incubator for bacteria.

Our practical advice for a perfect skin in a natural way 


  • Do not pierce a pimple as this may "infect" the surrounding pores.
  • Do not strip the skin because it will most likely react by protecting itself and creating an overproduction of sebum.
  • No makeup, as often as possible: to avoid the famous cosmetica acne due to suffocating skin and clogged pores.
  • We also avoid cosmetics containing occlusive silicones and petrolatum (regular cause of cosmetic acne).
  • We regularly wash our fabric masks, avoiding detergents that are too aggressive and softeners that can be allergenic.
  • We prefer masks made of natural fibers such as cotton to allow the skin to breathe and to avoid excessive condensation between the skin and the mask.



1. 👉 We cleanse our skin well in the morning and evening. Gentleness is key here! Often an instinctive reflex, when we have blemished skin, we tend to turn to "ultra powerful ", "ultra effective" cleansers, which just happen to be ultra destructive for sensitive skin! Often very aggressive for the skin, these products have more tendency to dry it and to disturb its pH than to treat the problem. The result: skin that produces even more sebum. In daily use, it is thus necessary to privilege a soft cleanser and without sulfates.

Taking the problem in the right direction, we co-created with Valentine, Clean that face the gel cleanser for blemished skin.

Its duet of active ingredients of lavender of aloe vera allows to clean the skin in depth without attacking it and by supporting the cicatrization and its hydration.


2. 👉 We also advise you to Scrub regularly with Mixed feelingsco-created with Laura, to allowaccelerate cell renewal by removing dead cells and impurities from the skin. Applied as a mask, it also allows for deep regeneration by rebalancing sebum production and nourishing the skin to provide it with all the comfort it needs, thus revealing a luminous skin.


3. Use a fruit enzyme scrub from time to time. With Dot is not an Optionis used to attack blackheads. It will help to unclog and tighten the pores, to visibly refine the skin texture. Its texture paste is transformed into milk at the time of the rinsing to leave the soft skin, without drying it.


4. 👉 To soothe your skin, we recommend Fit & Fabulous which, when applied throughout the day as soon as you feel the need, provides immediate freshness and reduces feelings of irritation. Enriched with Alpine Rose, this mist protects and revitalizes the skin to give it all the comfort it needs under the mask.


5. 👉 To bring comfort to your skin, Sarah thought Oh my periods to help your facial skin through the upheaval it undergoes during the pre-menstrual period: tired features, excess sebum, proliferation of small pimples and blackheads, dilated pores, more delicate skin.

Nettoyant quotidien
Clean that face
4.86/5 - 536 notice
Anti-imperfection cleansing cream
DÉCOUVRIR | €18,00 ADD | €18,00
Purified & moisturised skin Purified & moisturised skin
Anti-inflammatory effect Anti-inflammatory effect
Super soft face Super soft face
Mixed Feelings
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Balancing exfoliating mask
DÉCOUVRIR | €25,00 ADD | €25,00
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Dot is not an option
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Double action anti blackhead paste
DÉCOUVRIR | €25,00 ADD | €25,00
Tightened pores Tightened pores
Refined skin texture Refined skin texture
Soft and clean skin Soft and clean skin
Matifying mist
Fit & Fabulous
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Anti-hot flash matifying mist
DÉCOUVRIR | €23,00 AJOUTER | €23,00
Freshness and immediate relief Freshness and immediate relief
Anti-redness Anti-redness
Peau matifiée, hydratée et pores resserrés Peau matifiée, hydratée et pores resserrés
Hormonal Acne
Oh My Periods!
4.82/5 - 465 notice
Face care for the menstrual period
DÉCOUVRIR | €29,00 ADD | €29,00
Max comfort & protection Max comfort & protection
Regulated & vitalized sensitive skin Regulated & vitalized sensitive skin
Reduced inflammation Reduced inflammation
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