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Soothing, lubricating and protective intimate gel South beauty

A beneficial cocktail of pre-and probiotics mix that strengthens the skin’s microbiome

South Beauty Soothing & protective intimate care
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Vegan & Natural • ℮1.0 fl. oz / 30ml • €27,00
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This all-in-one intimate care product combines moisturising, soothing and protective properties for the intimate vulvar area.

With its rich and light gel texture, this product rebalances and strengthens the intimate area thanks to a pre-and probiotics mix that strengthens the skin's microbiome (the good bacteria that protect our body) thus relieving irritations often caused by tight clothing. Prebiotics rebalance and strengthen the intimate flora to stimulate the immune system.

Moisturises and protects the vulvar mucosa

Pensé comme un gel soin tout-en-un, il apaise, hydrate et protège la muqueuse vulvaire mais peut etre aussi appliqué sur l'anus. Cool, non ? En plus d’être un apaisant et hydratant, South Beauty est un super allié qui diminue l’inconfort après les rapports sexuels ou le sport, en plus de lutter contre la sècheresse vulvaire parfois due aux changements hormonaux.

Que du bon : 99% d’origine naturelle / Vegan / Formulé en France 🇫🇷
Excellent 100/100 sur Yuka 🟢/ Tube Recyclé et Recyclable / Co-créé avec 4000 personnes / Testé sous contrôle gynécologique.

97% de satisfaction.
+5500 avis 5/5 sur nos soins, co-créés par 80 000+ personnes.
Expédié en 18h, livré le 04/06. +5500 avis 5/5 sur nos soins, co-créés par 80 000+ personnes.
4.85/5 par 112 avis ✨ Lire tous les avis
Marie: "At the top, nice texture and really relieves irritation! " I really liked the texture for a really localized application, the fact that it's fragrance free suits me perfectly because I can't stand perfumes at this level. I recommend to my friends and family 💛
Nawal: "Thank you so much! I'm prone to cystitis and mycosis, and by taking so many medicines I've damaged my vaginal flora, so all I have to do is stay in jeans to feel some irritation. I apply it after rinsing with water and drying thoroughly: it has an immediate effect. I'd never found a non-medicated product that could relieve my discomfort: so thank you very much!
Intimate area protected and moisturised, Flora rebalanced day after day Intimate area protected and moisturised, Flora rebalanced day after day
Immediate and long-lasting relief from irritation, itching and dryness Immediate and long-lasting relief from irritation, itching and dryness
Limits ingrown hairs Limits ingrown hairs

Composition and natural active ingredients

Excellent 100 /100 on Yuka 🟢

99% of ingredients of natural origin 

1% of clean and safe preservatives guarantee the formula durability, quality and feeling

Pourquoi ça marche :

Prébiotique - Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide

Prébiotique - Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide pour FORTIFIE

Prébiotique - Yacon Brésilien

Prébiotique - Yacon Brésilien pour RÉÉQUILIBRE

Probiotique - Lactobacillus

Probiotique - Lactobacillus pour RENFORCE

Hyaluronic Acid

Acide Hyaluronique pour HYDRATE ET APAISE


Soothing, lubricating and protective intimate gel South beauty

How to use

Apply a small amount to the vulva area and massage until the product is completely absorbed 

Occasionally, when you feel the need

Daily, to strengthen the skin’s microbiome and improve comfort in the vulva area

Can also be used:

- After pregnancy to soothe and repair 

To soothe the skin after yeast and urinary tract infections (does not substitute for medical treatment) 

- Immediate and long term effect on chronic problems such as vulvodynia

• Avant et après un rapport sexuel (attention cependant, South beauty n’est pas un lubrifiant. Il s’applique sur la zone externe/vulvaire ou sur l'anus. sa compatibilité avec l’usage du préservatif n’a pas été testée) 

Post waxing, perfect for limiting ingrown hairs  

• Pour les hommes pour apaiser les irritations sur la partie externe du pénis 

• Sur l'anus, pour apaiser les irritations et démangeaisons 

From Laura's idea to the product created together

"A clean, effective skincare product that soothes, moisturizes and protects the vulva at any time of day!"

Who are you Laura?

I had a rather peaceful childhood in the south of France with my small family very close. Today I spend my life in the cinema (I love everything related to the 7th art, all kinds of films, productions, origins, ...). And I love to travel: it's where I get my inspiration, my ideas, it's a breath of creativity!


Community co-creation

Votes, questionnaires, beta-testing: nearly 4000 people participated to make Laura's idea a reality. After a beta test with 200 people, we refined the gel texture for a soft, non-wet finish. And that's it!

You speak best of it: 4.85/5 & 112+ notice

We answer your questions

How to apply it?
Apply a small amount of the gel to the vulvar area only on the external part (not in the vagina). To mass slightly. To use in occasional application in case of irritation, itching, discomfort, rubbing of too tight clothes, for an immediate relief. We advise a daily application to reinforce the microbiome of the skin and to improve the general comfort of the vulva. A very small quantity is enough to avoid the unpleasant wet effect.
How much should I apply?
A very small amount is enough, a mini hazelnut to be applied by a light massage then to let penetrate.
When can it be used?
South beauty is a complete care multi actions developed to bring appeasement, comfort and protection to the intimate zone. The uses are multiple: Irritations related to the port of too tight clothing, with the sport, moisture. It also relieves all the vulvar pathologies like mycoses, repetitive cystitis and other urinary infections, the vulvogyny. It softens the skin, before and after the sexual intercourse (but is not a lubricant), it fights against the vulvar dryness, it limits the incarnated hairs. It reinforces the flora after the rules, after a pregnancy. It soothes the skin after depilation and for men, irritations on the external part of the penis and on the anus. Best ally of the intimate zone!
Or should it be applied?
On the external part of the vulva / intimate area (not in the vagina). It is also suitable for men on the outside of the penis and on the anus.
Should I massage?
Yes, we recommend applying a small amount to the intimate area and massaging until the product is completely absorbed
Has it been gynecologically tested?
Yes, we have entrusted its formula to a certified organization to test it under gynecological control
What is it that makes it so effective?
South Beauty is composed of a cocktail of pre and pro biotics. We've all heard of it before, we know about the capsules we take to regulate our flora, and there are also probiotic buffers... And this is in a treatment. The pre-biotics rebalance and strengthen the flora. The pro biotics relieve and strengthen the microbiome (the good bacteria that protect us). Result: a short formula composed of 99% natural ingredients, excellent on Yuka
What are probiotics used for?
Probiotics and prebiotics are "good bacteria" that strengthen the skin's microbiome and prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria. Probiotics, despite a name that sounds like Doliprane 2.0, are micro-organisms that support the vaginal flora and help to restore it by guaranteeing its pH. Prebiotics, on the other hand, are a nutritive contribution to the "good bacteria" of the flora to increase their effectiveness: they are able to increase the natural hydration of the intimate area.
Can it be used on the anus?
Yes South beauty will soothe and relieve irritation in this sensitive and fragile area.
Can it be used after pregnancy?
We strongly recommend using South Beauty after pregnancy to soothe, soften and strengthen the flora
Can I use it after my period?
For the same reason as after a pregnancy, South beauty will soothe the area weakened by the use of pads, tampons and strengthen the flora. It can also be used during the menstrual cycle to relieve any discomfort.
Is it a lubricant?
No. South Beauty was designed to be applied on the external part of the vulva and not in the vagina (its compatibility with condom use has not been tested). It is recommended to apply it before and after sexual intercourse to prepare and soften the skin, then to soothe it and avoid itching and possible discomfort.
Is it effective in cases of mycosis or cystitis?
South Beauty is not a care which treats the infections. But its formula concentrated in alleviating, hydrating and protective credits will bring to the intimate zone all that it needs to relieve itchings, irritations, discomfort even burns. It will also reinforce the flora thus limiting the recurrences. But we repeat it, it comes to complete a medical treatment. In case of recurrent vulvar pathologies and urinary infections, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor. We also recommend the Vulvae application, created by Paola, which helps all women suffering from these pathologies.
Is it suitable for men who suffer from itching on the penis and anus?
South beauty will soothe and relieve irritations of the male intimate area. It is applied in small quantities on the external part of the penis and the anus by a light massage.
How can I relieve my itchy vulva?
First of all, you have to be careful with the products you use, wash the external area (not the vagina) with a non-irritating product. Dry gently and then apply a small amount of South Beauty to soothe and relieve immediately. Fresh and not wet effect guaranteed. Apply daily until itching disappears. At the same time, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight to limit the friction that causes discomfort. After the sport one changes under clothing by privileging cotton.
What should I do if I have an irritated vulva?
Irritation of the vulva can be caused by hormonal changes, physical activity, heat, but also by ingrown hairs, razor burns and heat from hair removal. Consequences? Redness, itching, dryness, and sometimes even burning and pain. To limit discomfort, we recommend paying special attention to the products we use and the clothes we wear. You can, for example, change your laundry detergent and avoid using fabric softeners that often contain numerous irritants. It is also necessary not to wash too much with foaming products the intimate part. This can damage the vulvar and vaginal flora as well as the pH of the mucous membrane. Applied as soon as the need arises, South beauty will soothe, moisturize and protect the vulvar mucosa.
What to do in case of vulvar dryness?
Vulvar dryness, like vaginal dryness, is characterized by intimate itching, daily discomfort and sometimes even pain during sexual relations. If the vaginal flora regulates itself, the vulvar flora can have more difficulty because it is subject to many external factors such as intimate hygiene products (or not), the washing of our underwear, the material of our panties, sanitary napkins or even the use of medication applied locally. We must be very careful with the products we use, the detergents, the textiles and moisturize the vulvar area. South Beauty has been designed to moisturize, soothe and soften the intimate skin and other sensitive areas, it will primarily help to calm the discomfort in daily life. Based on hyaluronic acid of natural origin, without perfume and formulated not to stick and to leave the soft skin without residual effect, it brings a true daily solution to all those which undergo dryness, and itchings.
Can it be applied after sex?
If sex is supposed to be a source of pleasure, it is not the case for everyone... Some suffer from discomfort, irritation, or even a burning sensation. South beauty is not a lubricant but it will be perfect to soothe the intimate area after sex. While irritation of the vulva after intercourse may be due to a more serious condition, it is most often benign. A dry vagina and vulva exposed to friction during intercourse is bound to lead to discomfort and irritation, even swelling and burning. By providing moisture and strengthening the skin's microbiome, South beauty reduces discomfort and prevents future irritation.

Why choose Pro and Prebiotics for your intimate area?

Antibiotics, inadequate hygiene, stress, sexuality: the bacterial flora of our vagina, which is fragile, can easily be disturbed. Taking pro- and prebiotics makes sense in this case! Pro-biotics, despite a name that sounds like a doliprane 2.0, are micro-organisms that support the bacterial flora of your skin (which can be damaged by hormonal imbalance, antibiotics or inadequate hygiene). Prebiotics, on the other hand, are a nutritive contribution to the "good bacteria" of your flora. With pro- and pre-biotics, the "good bacteria" multiply and prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria. Laura's "South Beauty" project is inspired by this problem and responds with a clean beauty intimate moisturizing, soothing and lubricating care containing pro and pre-biotics!

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