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Happy Hours Radiance Facial Care

Multi-vitamin healthy glow cream with immediate effect

Glowy Hours Glowy face care boosted with vitamins
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Vegan & Natural • ℮1 fl. oz / 30ml • €28,00
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This radiance face cream energizes tired skin. This vitamin shot works as an energy boost to revitalise the skin.

The face care that illuminates and gives a healthy glow

Designed by a party girl, this cream is thirst-quenching, plumping and illuminating. Lightly tinted, it gives an immediate healthy glow with a super-fresh natural effect, even after a (too long) night out !

All good things: 97% natural origin / Vegan / Formulated in France 🇫🇷
Excellent on Yuka 🟢 / Recycled and recyclable tube / Co-created with 4000 people

97% de satisfaction.
+5500 avis 5/5 sur nos soins, co-créés par 80 000+ personnes.
Expédié en 18h, livré le 04/06. +5500 avis 5/5 sur nos soins, co-créés par 80 000+ personnes.
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Notre sélection avec une réduction de -14%.
Les 3 indispensables éclat, détente & peau douce
4.89/5 par 387 avis ✨ Lire tous les avis
"Incredible moisturizing and glowy effect" : Juliette, on 03/07/2020 It's a pleasure to put on and it's incredibly effective 🤩
Maia: "The result is crazy." Definitely one of my favorite products! The texture is perfect for my skin: rather light! The result is crazy, my skin is luminous after a hectic evening or even daily :) Likewise the smell is quite subtle but pleasant
Gabrielle : "Impressionnée !" Moi qui ne me maquille pas trop c’est l’idéal, ça boost le teint juste ce qu’il faut en laissant la peau douce et hydratée sans être gras et ça pénètre très vite, pratique pour les matins pressés !
Vitamin shot Vitamin shot
Immediate natural healthy glow Immediate natural healthy glow
Rehydrated skin Rehydrated skin

Composition and natural active ingredients

Excellent 86/100 on Yuka 🟢

97% of ingredients of natural origin

3% of clean and safe preservatives guarantee the formula durability, quality and feeling

Pourquoi ça marche :


Acérola pour RÉGÉNÈRE


Bourrache pour RENFORCE

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica pour OXYGÈNE


Pigments pour ILLUMINE


Happy Hours Radiance Facial Care

How to use

Apply a small amount on clean, dry skin as soon as you wake up.

Can also be used:

  • - As a day cream for daily skin care
  • - As a make-up base to liven up the skin
  • - As a booster in between seasons

From Garance's idea to the product we created together

Garance with Glowy Hours

"After a night out, it's always the same ordeal: moisturising dry skin, starting with a not-so-fresh complexion, mixing different products to get a more or less presentable face. The problem: a waste of time and money"

Who are you Garance?

"I'm a fan of cosmetics, skincare and make-up of all kinds. I am currently a shop manager and I have also created a project with a friend about fashion and self-confidence. But then again, I do love to party!

I like to take care of myself, to feel that my skin is healthy but too often the products are expensive and the compositions are not good! "


Community co-creation

Votes, questionnaires, beta testing: nearly 4,000 people have participated to make Garance's idea a reality. After a beta testing with 200 people, we have adjusted the texture and pigmentation. And here you go!


You speak best of it: 4.89/5 & 387+ notice

a fully adapted texture
100% fun to use
A fresh and luminous skin

We answer your questions

Laura: I was very surprised to discover a pigmented vitaminized face care. I think it's great but are the pigments safe?

Yes, the pigments are safe. They are illuminating minerals that also reflect light for a more glowy face!

Mathilde: Is it suitable for all skin tones and types?

We have taken into account the feedback of each tester for the reformulation: the pigmentation has been reworked to better match all skin tones, for a natural healthy glow effect.

Samantha: Is it non-comedogenic? My T-zone is prone to pimples

Our lab pays particular attention to the formulation of our products, in order to avoid the risks of pore clogging. This is one reason why we exclude mineral oils and silicones. On the other hand, we choose to use vegetable oils because they can bring many benefits to the skin without necessarily making it greasy or risking the appearance of pimples.

Samantha: My cheeks are sensitive with redness (borderline rosacea) so I was wondering if this cream would be suitable for my face which is reactive and at the same time acne-prone on the T-zone.

Happy Hours is suitable for all skin tones :) Its pigments blend perfectly with the complexion to give it back its radiance. It may nevertheless mark your redness a little (the pigments being red/orange), but it will nevertheless bring all its benefits: it revives, moisturizes and plumps up, for an immediate healthy glow effect! If your skin is very reactive, please note that this product contains perfume.

Effects of alcohol on the skin

What to do about the effects of alcohol on the skin?

Let the one who has never spent a day after a party thinking "BUT WHY?" cast the first stone!

Loose, dehydrated skin, lacking in suppleness... After a night of drinking, your skin needs to be deeply moisturized.

Indeed, alcohol causes dehydration of our skin, which would promote premature aging. It also has inflammatory effects, which is why we look puffy and have redness in the morning.

To keep going out while looking fresher in the morning, we co-created Happy Hours with @garancemurru : a vitamin-enriched after-party treatment.

Keeping your tan complexion

Back from vacations, we all want to keep our pretty complexion. But here is the problem: there is less opportunity to enjoy the sun and even less without wearing a mask... To keep a healthy glow and at the same time avoid makeup, which can suffocate the skin (in addition to the mask), we boost our skin with Happy Hours. Quenching, plumping, illuminating, this cream with its pretty pink color prolongs the "return from vacation" effect.

How to take care of your skin at each change of season?

Heating, cold wind, enclosed space... The causes of dryness or increased reactivity of the skin can be multiple. 👉 As soon as the cold sets in, the skin is less well protected from external aggressions. Less irrigated, it will produce less sebum which will also have difficulties to distribute. Sebum being a key element in the protection of the skin, if it is damaged, the skin too. 👉 Also appear irritation and sensitivity: redness, tightness, chapping. It is therefore necessary to comfort the skin and be delicate with it to avoid aggravating these signals of sensitivity. 👉 By taking refuge in dry and heated spaces, we also weaken the skin a bit. Less moisture = a refined epidermis, less hydration. ✨ Adopt the winning trio Clean That Face + Mixed Feelings + Happy Hours for a radiant daily life (luminous complexion, protected and hydrated skin) ✨

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