Why and how to clean your skin?

Why and how to clean your skin?

To keep a healthy skin, a good cleaning is essential.

This is the essential step that conditions all the others: a poorly adapted cleansing can lead to a considerable lack of hydration and an overproduction of sebum.

Il est très souvent préconisé de faire un double nettoyage (démaquillant + nettoyant).

Ensuite, après rinçage du nettoyant, nous préconisons le passage d’un hydrolat (eau florale ou distillation d’huile essentielle) ou d’une lotion, pour neutraliser l’effet du calcaire.

Why and how to cleanse your skin, the essential step in your healthy skin routine.



Use micellar water

Although it is presented as very effective for removing makeup, micellar water is an option to put aside. Micelles are surfactants (detergents, to put it simply) that are mainly derived from petrochemicals and can irritate and dry out the skin. Moreover, the application of a micellar water often implies not to rinse after use, i.e. to leave these substances on your skin. A bad idea!

Choose a vegetable oil to remove your makeup. Its fatty body will allow it to be just as effective and to nourish your skin at the same time: winning combo!

Use "too much too much" cleaners

It's the eternal problem: wanting too much to have ultra-clean and blemish-free skin, we tend to turn to "ultra powerful", "ultra efficient","ultra ultra" cleansers! However, the problem is significant: these products are often too aggressive for the skin; they dry it out and disrupt its ph. Result: the skin tries to compensate, producing more sebum. In daily use, it is thus necessary to privilege a soft cleanser and without sulfates. It is the case of our cleansing gel cream Clean that face.

Clean your skin morning and night

Cleaning your skin too much will tend to weaken its hydrolipidic film. It's like using an aggressive cleanser, it stresses it!

In the morning, your skin simply shows a little sebum and sweat produced during the night. If you wish, you can use a hydrolate or a gentle lotion before your daily skin care routine, which will also wake up your skin without having to go through the tap water and its limescale.

Therefore, choose to cleanse your skin in the evening, thus freeing it from the impurities accumulated during the day: make-up, dust, pollution, sweat and sebum. It also "prepares" your skin for a good night. During this period, the skin is active and takes advantage of this to regenerate its cells. To promote this cellular renewal, the skin must be able to breathe and be rid of its impurities, which means it must be well cleansed. CQFD!


If you wear makeup

Si vous vous maquillez, on vous recommande un produit huileux End of the show, co-créé avec toute notre communauté. Une texture ultra sensorielle à réchauffer au creux de vos mains qui va libérer la peau de toutes les impuretés accumulées tout au long de la journée. Ensuite on recommande un lavant doux (sans agents moussants type sulfate).

  • Le premier permet d’entrainer les résidus de maquillage (le gras aime le gras) et impuretés avec lui, tout en apportant les bienfaits de l’huile végétale. Et c'est c'est End of the show !
  • The second one is enough to clean your skin, without aggressing it, by ridding it of the impurities accumulated during the day. It is the case of our cleansing cream gel Clean that face.

Be gentle with your skin

During the cleansing phase, we tend to press a little too hard on the skin. To adjust your movements, perform the exercise with your hands only. Also remember to rinse well, without rubbing excessively.

Dry your face well

Pat your face dry with a clean towel and carefully remove any lime residue. Once again, gentleness is the order of the day!

Moisturize the skin and avoid limescale

Apply a hydrolate or lotion to remove any traces of product (the fat of the oil for example) and traces of limescale. This step also allows you to readjust the pH of your skin. You can apply it in a splash with your hands or on a reusable makeup remover disk.


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